Prayer Groups(Prarthana Yogams) are group of 20 – 30 families belonging to a certain geographical area of the church. The members of the family get together on Sundays after the Holy Mass for prayer in a home on rotation basis. Gents, ladies and or children can represent their family. At least one member from each family is expected to participate in the yogam. Each Prarthana Yogam has representation in the Managing Committee. Further each Prarthana Yogam will has a Secretary elected from among themselves to co-ordinate the functions of the group. There is a central unit for the Parish as a whole to co-ordinate the groups with an elected General Secretary and President.

There are 12 prarthana yogams in the church. The name of the Prayer group and their Secretaries are given below

  • 1. St. Johns - Sri.Joykutty Chacko, Alunilkunnathil
  • 2. Mar. Baselious - Sri.K.G.Joy, Kombazha Malayil
  • 3. St. Thomas - Sri.K.T.Samuel, Kizhakkekalayil
  • 4. Mar. Bahanan - Sri.C.G.Thankachen, Chirakkara
  • 5. St. Mathews - Sri.E.I.Thankachen, Elayidathu
  • 6. Mar. Gregorious - Sri.C.Thomas, Charivupurayidathil
  • 7. St. George - Sri.K.M. Joykutty, Kaleekkal
  • 8. Mar. Divannasious - Sri.O.Jose cheriyathu Josevilla
  • 9. St. Peters - Smt Bindhu Jojo, Munjanat
  • 10. St. Stephens - Sri.Reeju Thomas, Kizhakkedathu
  • 11. St. James - Sri.Biju Varghese, Mundazhiyil
  • 12. St. Paul’s - Sri.Cijo Thankachen, Valyeth

PRARTHANA YOGAM GENERAL SECRETARY : Sri.O.Jose cheriyathu, Josevilla
JOINT SECRETARY : Sri.E.I.Thankachen, Elayidathu

Marthamariyam Samajam

Marthmariyam Samajams are prayer groups exclusively for women of the church. There are 5 units of samajams functioning in the church based on geographic area. Each unit meets on Saturday afternoons in homes for Prayer meetings on rotation basis. Each unit has elected Secretaries. There is a centralization at Parish level with president, General Secretary and Joint Secretary. Once in 3 months a joint meeting of the groups is held in the church so as to enable all the members to interact. In addition to the usual prayer meetings on Saturdays, they conduct prayer on Friday mornings(Fiday prayer) Further the Madhyabhagam unit is conducting Wednesday prayer also. 3 days convention is also arranged by them during December.

The five units of Marthamariam Samajam and their secretaries are

  • 1. Bethel Samajam - Smt Kunjunjamma Achenkunju, Puthiyathu
  • 2. Tabour - Smt Thresiamma Joy, Kanjiramnilkunnathil
  • 3. Gilayad - Smt Leelamma Mathew, Mannilmemuriyil
  • 4. Seenai - Smt Elsy Thankachan, Pulikkatharayil
  • 5. Karmel - Smt Rachel George, Edayilemuriyil

JOINT SECRETARY : Smt Daisy Varghese, Thattavara

Youth Movement

There are 25 members in the unit. The youth league members assist the Managing Committee in various activities related to the church especially the Christmas Carol collection.

VICE PRESIDENT: Baiju Thankachen, Memuriyil

Sunday School

There are 100 students studying in the Sunday School. A team of 19 members is engaged in teaching them. A unit of O.V.B.S. is functioning under the auspicious of Sunday School.

SUNDAY SCHOOL HEAD MASTER: Sri. Thomas John, Vaitharayil

Sunday School Teachers :

  • 1. Smt Aelyamma Abraham, Kochupengattu
  • 2. Smt Ancy Vinod, Kayyaleth
  • 3. Smt Anu Shibu, Areekal
  • 4. Kum Aksa Prasad, Mepurath
  • 5. Smt Dessy Prasad, Mepurath
  • 6. Smt Elsy Thankachen, Pulikkatharayil
  • 7. Smt Gracy Thankachen, Nooranakkuzhiyil
  • 8. Smt Jasmin Shibu, Kochidayadiyil
  • 9. Smt Kunjunjamma Achenkunju, Puthiyathu
  • 10. Smt Kunjunjamma Raju, Edayilemuriyil
  • 11. Smt Leelamma Mathew, MannilMemuriyil
  • 12. Smt Mariamma Mathew, Kizhakkedathu
  • 13. Smt Molly Samuel, Valiethu
  • 14. Smt Reeja Mariam Varghese, MannilMemuriyil
  • 15. Smt Sheenu V Thomas, Mepurathu
  • 16. Smt Shirly Biji Mathew, Kulangara
  • 17. Smt Usha Babu, Usha Cottage
  • 18. Sri Thomas Vargese, Powakkara
Bala/Balika Samajam

A unit of Bala/Balika samajam is also functioning in the parish.


Suvishesha Sangam

Suvishesha Sangam is an organization to co-ordinate the functioning of all spiritual organizations of the parish.

SUVISHESHA SANGAM VICE PRESIDENT : Sri. O.Jose, Cheriyathu ,Jose villa


Charity Fund

The church maintains a charity fund to help the needy members.


We are having 6 endowments instituted by 5 families amounting Rs.5 lakhs. The interest of the endowment form part of charity fund. We expect more endowments in future.

Kshema Pension

The church has launched a pension scheme during 2019 to help the needy families of the church. Under the scheme senior citizens, widows, differently abled or physically disabled categories are eligible for pension. Intially the amount of pension given is Rs.1000/- and the beneficiares are six in numbers. We have to increase the number of beneficiares as well as the amount of pension. Church members can sponsor one year pension or its multiples / fraction thereof. If we get a better contribution we can extend the scheme to outside also.